16 December 2013

Respectful Rappers

Original Lyrics:
And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus
/ Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuttin ta fuck wit
Hey, you know that joke where you take something you wouldn’t normally associate with really stilted, overly formal Standard English, say, for example, a genre of music mostly made by black people, and instead of leaving it as it is, you say it in really stilted, overly formal Standard English, and that’s funny, and also makes you feel quite clever and sophisticated for laughing at it without being outright unironic snobbery?

Are you bothered if substituting in long, high-register words and Queen’s English comes at the expense of any actual eloquence, wordplay or poetic skill there was in the original version?

And would you mind if it eventually degenerated into just saying what you think they should have said, because you find it easier to challenge other social groups’ outright misogyny than your own pretend-friendly, pedestal-building iRespectFemales misogyny?

Oh, and are you a white person who finds it really admirable how Macklemore really challenges his genre?

Well, you’ll just love Respectful Rappers.