11 December 2010

Important Lesson

What can we learn from Facebook hate? A lot, it turns out.
Kalum Dyson, of Frances Street in Brighouse, created a group called "Pakis Die" on the social networking website. The 21-year-old also posted messages including one which said: "Help me shoot all the Pakis." [...] But he also said he was not racist, claiming he had "black" friends.

I know these days we have a tendency to stretch "not racist" to include almost anything, but Dyson's pushing it a bit trying to cram full-on genocide fantasies in. So what I'd like to do here is kick the black-friend get-out clause in the bollocks once and for all.

Not minding people of one race does not cancel out hating people from a different race.

"Ja so I killed a few Jews, Blacks, Slavs and Gypsies solely for being Jews, Blacks, Slavs and Gypsies, but I'm not racist! I have Japanese allies for fuck's sake!"


  1. Everybody is racist, get over it please.

  2. I know, and it's not like it ever killed anyone. It just puts my back up that people feel they have to lie about it, you know?