27 December 2010

Checkmate, PC Brigade

Come Fly With Me. Sheer genius. Not like, comedy genius, obviously, but tactical genius. I was all ready to differ with Anton Vowl and say yes, actually, it is a teensy bit racist. The way so many of the jokes were based on ethnic stereotypes, and instead of the characters doing something surprisingly, amusingly and unpredictably out of keeping with the stereotype, the joke was that they fulfilled it? Yeah, I'd have said that was a little bit racist.

That was before Ian Foot, the airport's Chief Immigration Officer, came on. You know the hilariously lax one who lets middle-aged South Asian men in on blatantly false passports? That was before I heard him saying "I have been accused of being racist, but...". This is clever, I thought. This "but" may prove to be a red herring, and he may subsequently prove to be a racist anyway. I was, it turns out, proven right, and he continues "...if being highly suspicious of all foreigners makes you racist then yeah, I mean, sure".

This presents the liberal left with a problem. Lucas and Walliams might have just spent half an hour (with another two-and-a-half to come, yummy!) wanking tired, unfunny stereotypes dry, parroting tedious tabloid myths about porous borders and ripping off the most racist bits of Bo Selecta, but, crucially


Aha, I thought, what if they're racist but don't know it? Or they're slyly pretending not to be racist when they are? No dice Alex


I mean, they couldn't be not-racist-butters themselves if they make fun of not-racist-butters. Not-racist-butters have no self-awareness, and smart, well-thought out, original comedy is all about self-awareness. Nobody would have the gall to take the piss out of a racist's lack of self-awareness while being a racist with no self-awareness themselves. No-one good enough to be on BBC1, anyway.

I'm on the ropes here. I would have thought an embarrassingly shite sit-com based largely on crudely belittling Blacks and both types of Asians would be an open goal, but then they parry my bullseye and ace me with this UKBA character. There's literally no way we can recover from this kind of snookering, and Lucas and Walliams, I hereby apologise for ever thinking your comedy was half-arsed, as subtle as a car-bomb and brimming with contempt for anyone whose Whiteness quotient comes to Irish or less.

11 December 2010

Important Lesson

What can we learn from Facebook hate? A lot, it turns out.
Kalum Dyson, of Frances Street in Brighouse, created a group called "Pakis Die" on the social networking website. The 21-year-old also posted messages including one which said: "Help me shoot all the Pakis." [...] But he also said he was not racist, claiming he had "black" friends.

I know these days we have a tendency to stretch "not racist" to include almost anything, but Dyson's pushing it a bit trying to cram full-on genocide fantasies in. So what I'd like to do here is kick the black-friend get-out clause in the bollocks once and for all.

Not minding people of one race does not cancel out hating people from a different race.

"Ja so I killed a few Jews, Blacks, Slavs and Gypsies solely for being Jews, Blacks, Slavs and Gypsies, but I'm not racist! I have Japanese allies for fuck's sake!"