22 November 2010

See the Victims Suffer! Suffer Victims, Suffer!

Not being Jewish, I can't begin to imagine how utterly fucking embarrassing it must be when the Nazi stooges in the EDL decide they want to be your friend, just because a country that's sort of yours even if you've never been is blowing up the right kind of brown people. When the ideological descendants of the people who slaughtered half your family start rubbing themselves against you like an amorous pitbull. So of course this is so unsurprising it almost hurts.

So I thought it might be interesting to look at another leg the fash have started humping, just so we can see what the Jews can expect from their new-found friends*. I am of course talking about the long-suffering women of Islam. They have a hard time, do these poor creatures, which is why we're going to play a game called "Muslimah Martyrs vs Ghastly Bints".

We all know it's terrible how Muslim women are oppressed. One of the worst examples is the brutal capital punishment meted out to those found guilty of adultery. Look at the admirable way the world has rallied round Sakineh Ashtani. Score one for Muslimah Martyrs.

Oh, but then Yasmin Alibhai Brown has to open her big brown mouth. Stone the ghastly bint! One all.

And then, you're poking round facebook watching the EDL go trolling, and just when you thought Muslimah Martyrs could pull ahead again:

POW! Ghastly Bints whips out a deft equaliser!

It's like fucking clockwork. Concerned about women being forced to dress a certain way? Force them to dress another way. It's no use just being weirded out by the symbols of patriarchal oppression. You've got to show some solidarity.

I don't know how they manage it. It must be so hard to stick up for fanny-bearing Muslims when you hate them with such a murderous, hungry vengeance. What I'm trying to say, I suppose, is the bacon test doesn't just cut one way.

You did the right thing Israel. They don't love you. They only want you for your fighter jets.

*Not like, friends-friends. Friends like the weird guy you say hi to by the nibbles and he keeps trying to engage you socially for the rest of the evening while telling really offensive jokes.

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