24 October 2010

You Don't Have to Be X to Be X-Bashed

President Bazza's done an "it gets better" video. Wow. You can't really beat that for a weighty voice behind your campaign.

Here's a weird bit though: he says, in a matter-of-fact, of-course-we-all-know-that tone of voice
I don't know what it's like to be picked on for being gay
which strikes me as decidedly odd. Being gay isn't like being fat, or black, or ginger. You can hide it. Which means anyone could be hiding it. Which means anyone could be secretly gay and therefore anyone can be bullied for being gay.

You don't have to fancy other boys for the other boys to call you gay. I got called gay for having long hair (because it meant I wanted to be a woman, which of course meant I wanted to put my cock in other men). Other symptoms of gayness include not liking football, drinking halves, and at primary school, holding hands with a girl. You don't have to be gay to be bullied for it. You don't even have to deviate from the straight and narrow to be bullied for being gay. You just have to be thought of as gay.

Homophobia doesn't compare well to racism. It's more like anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or any other religious prejudice. Saying that because you're not gay, you're obviously not going to get bullied for it is irrational in the same way as "The Nazis killed six million Jews", when probably a good proportion of those people did not have Jewish mothers, did not practice the religion or culture or (Germany being the seat of the assimilation movement) just plain didn't consider themselves Jews. Pretending not to be a Jew was just one of those sneaky things Jews did. The EDL aren't averse to smashing up Hindu temples or beating up Sikhs for being Muslim. Paranoid anti-Islam blogs have the taqqiya get-out clause - Radical Muslims are required to hide their religion in order to take over the world, therefore any Muslim who claims to be a moderate may still be an extremist and anyone who denies being an Muslim may still be one, therefore anyone you accuse of Radical Islamic Muslimism is either guilty or guilty of taqqiya too.

Which brings us back to Obama. He may not have experienced being picked on for being gay, but he has experienced what a lot of ever-so-slightly effeminate kids have, which is persistent untrue accusations, with their own mechanism to prevent them being refuted.

Whether that hurts more, less or the same amount in different ways as factually accurate homophobic bullying I couldn't tell you, but actual homos have no monopoly on homophobia, and it still kills.


  1. Different Alex26/10/10 19:04

    I'm struggling with this one...

    I like your blog, it's funny. I wish you'd write on Speak Your Branes a bit more I could do with some more crazies in my life, but apparently here you're attempting your own version - what have your experiences of being called gay in the playground got to do with LGBT? Are you really just saying that it strikes you as odd?

    Point is, I'm struggling to understand your point. Gayer.

  2. Well, my (everybody's?) experiences of being called gay in the playground don't have much to do with LGBT, apart from helping shape perceptions of it. But nor does homophobia. Mostly my point is, I don't trust this idea that homophobia and homosexuality link up that neatly. It's most obvious with gays and Jews, but with anything, deciding to hate is the prerogative of the hater.

    Something else I suppose the kids this campaign should think about - it's not your fault. Even if you weren't gay, these pricks would still hate you for it.

  3. Different Alex29/10/10 11:16

    "I don't know what it's like to be picked on for being gay"

    I reckon the above is electioneering rather than making any point. Still I do like your post and I reckon your points' valid, I reckon most of the time (I'm trying not to say EDL) people who are angry about something are generally projecting, ill-educated in the subject they are angry about.

    So do you think they (aggressor) should be attacked rather than their victims defended?