03 October 2010

Wait, What Was the Pretext Again?

The Mail shows its true colours on Halal meat. Obviously the Mail is very very angry that it might be SECRETLY FORCED TO EAT A HALAL, but why?

I can see the arguments against Halal slaughter, which is why, as a vegetarian I don't eat Halal meat. So I trawled through the article to see if they actually mentioned the slaughtering process. Here it is:
A spokesman for Tesco said: ‘Pre-stunned meat produced to halal standards conforms to all our stringent hygiene and animal welfare standards.’
Well, there you have it. Barbaric, I'm sure you'll agree. So let's not pretend the Mail gives a shit about animal rights here. Or at least not big enough a shit to actually mention them. The only party that actually does mention the contentious pre-stunning bit is Tesco, who still come across as horrible dhimmi badmen despite their racially tainted halal meat being no less humane.

Now since they can't be fucked discussing the actual bit they're meant to be objecting to, I wonder why they're so scandalised. Surely it can't just be an excuse to rail against Muslims and hammer dysphemisms like "Islamically slaughtered" into common parlance. Aha:
Patricia Dunton, 67, from Totteridge, North London, said she had been shopping in Waitrose for more than 30 years. Speaking before the Waitrose announcement, she said: ‘As a devout Christian, I won’t buy Duchy Originals lamb ever again, and I won’t buy lamb from Waitrose.I don’t like the fact that an Islamic prayer has been said over it. It should have been labelled so that I know what I am buying.’

Last night a spokeswoman for the Prince, who will become Supreme Governor of the Church of England when he becomes king, said he was unaware the Duchy Originals lamb was being killed according to ­Muslim law.
Worried they'll catch Islam. I see.


  1. As a vegetarian and a rather stringent atheist, it just bugs me that some people honestly believe that an invisible guy in the sky actually gives a crap how the food they eat was killed. I think if I learnt about halal and kosher meat today, I'd think it was satire. It's just plain ridiculous. I think it you want to eat meat a certain way, kill it your damn self.
    So for that reason, if I did eat meat, I would refuse to eat halal meat. Because it is pointless and rather bizarre, and I should not have to subscribe to some odd religious beliefs.

  2. Actually refuse? Is it because it's not pre-stunned meat (which isn't necessarily the case), as the Mail has completely ignored that.

    Or is it because it's ritually slaughtered? Personally, I think refusing to eat something because a non-existent beardy sky-wizard has been invoked is even more irrational than refusing to eat it because It hasn't.

  3. Besides, you don't "have to subscribe" to anything. Just stick it in there, chew and swallow.

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  5. Ah. I forgot how exploded limbs grow back unless there's a ruthless fanaticism involved.

    Also kindly remove your gloves before attempting to type on my blog. Thank you.

  6. No, do not thank me, just talk some sense idiot!
    On the other hand (which is still attached) do your research before prattling about a subject which you have no idea about!!

  7. 20 points for Hufflepuff if you can tell me what the subject of this post actually was.