24 June 2010

Ban This Banful Ban on Bans

Found this on Tabloid Watch.

Something's just gone horribly weird here. Ok, I read the papers, I know Eurocrats are always banning shit, but I'm sort of baffled as to what's going on.

Is this, like, a ban on a ban? Is this a case of horrible dictators dictating what we can and can't dictate? How dare they restrict our freedom to restrict freedom! How dare they ban our ban! It shouldn't be allowed! It shouldn't even be allowed for it to be allowed! Why are we permitting them not to permit us to stop permitting this?

Having said that, it might be one of those bans that actually liberate women. This ban on banning a ban on banning bans (I think), unlike other bans, is actually reducing ban-freedom. These bureaucratic EU Eurocrats are not just forcing us not to force women not to be forced into something. They are LITERALLY forcing us to force them not to be forced not to force themselves into being forced into forcing us out of forcing them, by FORCE into the burkah! Or niqab. Hijab. Whatever. Something foreign. I'm confused enough as it is.

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