04 January 2010


A fair few people seem to be recommending profiling Muslims, and the idea seems to be that it's NOT racial profiling, because Islam is a religion, not a race. Which is true, and who knows, it might just work. Thing is though, maybe I'm missing something really big here, but how exactly do you actually do it? I mean, I don't have my religion on my passport, so I could quite easily lie about it if someone asked me. If I had a really Muslim-sounding name, I could pretend I was an Arab Christian or a convert to atheism or something, or even travel on a false passport. Have a look at Old Holborn's picture of blatantly obvious Muslims.

I've been staring at it for like five minutes, and I still can't see the Islam. All I see is a load of brown people.

All in all, possibly the most inept attempt at an I'm-not-racist-but I have ever seen. Whatever happened to fucking standards?


  1. Also, the bomber on Dec 25th was Nigerian. Do the idiots advocating racial profiling really think that *all* African and Middle Eastern men are going to be tickety-boo with being dragged to one side, or that it won't cause delays? I think they forget (for some reason) that a lot of brown people fly on aeroplanes as customers rather than on bombing missions. I say 'forget' but I really mean 'they don't give a shit'.

  2. Who said anything about African or Middle-Eastern? It's about profiling MUSLIMS. Otherwise fair point.

  3. Is it one of those magic eye pictures? Does 'the Islam' in fact look like a sailboat? Because that way it would almost make sense as a strategy.

  4. but they've all got beards! *froths at mouth* and obviously there have never been white terrorists in the history of ever, have there?

    I did like the comparison between a nice, blonde, wholesome, nuclear family and some dodgy police headshots. Amazing what a bit of photoshop and posing will do.