05 December 2009

Epic Xenophobia Failure

Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland, if you're going to pretend your attacks on Islam aren't just about Islam, don't try and do it by laying into the Jews. Surveys consistently confirm them as the most popular darkies and heathens among far-right not-racists across Europe, and have done for decades.

Besides, normally when the PC brigade do the Jew test on not-Nazis, you can just say it's crass and Muslims and Jews aren't comparable. Trying to be consistent by chucking in some anti-Semitism just does our job for us. Idiot.


  1. You have been nominated for my Prick of the Year 2009 award. Congratulations.

  2. You can get psychiatric help on the NHS you know. I'm sure a shrink could sort out the sexual problems you have that have led to you seeing 'racism' everywhere. Of course, I'm assuming your problems are of a Freudian nature which it appears on the surface

  3. Don't go Gregg! We've so much more to say to each other! You still haven't guessed which is my favourite Rage Against the Machine Song, or whether I'm gay or bisexual!

    Where am I going to find such a witty, courteous and intellectually stimulating debating partner if you leave?

    PS I bet you cried at the end of 'Twilight'.

  4. What would happen if you wrote a blog and no-one came???

    Fuck me!


  5. Well, thanks to you and Gregg, we'll never know.