29 September 2009

Actually, Rape-Rape Is Exactly What It Is

For those strugglers at the back, Whoopi Goldberg is an idiotic fucking disgrace.

But jaw-dropping apologetics for forcibly fucking drugged kids in the arse don't just happen. Fuckwits don't take place in a vacuum. How do you get to the point where having sex with a minor against her will doesn't count as rape? Well, it's because it's both. Polanski was charged with rape because the girl was thirteen at the time. Because she couldn't give consent at all, the fact that she repeatedly asked him to stop was immaterial.

Statutory rape is sort of a different matter in that sense. The problem isn't the coercion, it's the numbers and the perviness they imply. This is, I reckon, our principle objection to having sex with children is that it's perverse and wrong and paedoey. Thing is, I'm not exactly for paedophiles getting their rocks off, but, as a problem, it's sort of dwarfed by people too young to understand what they're agreeing to being pressured, tricked or forced into having sex. Adult-on-adult rape sets off our sexual-violence emotional alarm. A 44-year-old raping a thirteen-year-old sets off our prurient-obsession-with-other-people's-orgasms alarm, which is louder than our sexual-violence alarm, but which we've trained ourselves to ignore for fear of being curtain-twitchers and Victorians.

What Whoopi Goldberg seems to have meant by "it's not rape-rape" is that it's only rape because of the girl's age, and because he drugged and forced her into it. Which, I admit, would move it into a slightly different moral area if it wasn't for the minor fact that both are the case. So, in the sense that it's rape on two counts, "rape-rape" is sort of exactly what it is. Maybe she just fumbled her words, and meant to say that the two rapes cancel each other out.


  1. I think you're way off here.

    "Ronan Polanski had unlawful sex" is true and has been proven in court; "Ronan Polanski drugged and raped someone (age immaterial)" is an unsubstantiated assertion. Had it been proved in court that RP drugged and raped someone, he'd have been convicted of rape, and not of unlawful sexual intercourse.

    Polanski is only getting support because of his celebrity, certainly. But at the same time, in any context other than paedohysteria, professed liberals wouldn't take an unproved accusation as truth and seek to hang (metaphorically, sure you're against executions) someone for it...

  2. It's a fair point, but I was more concerned with how Goldberg ended up so sure of herself on the subject.