11 August 2009

Who the Fuck is Gordon?

Quite a good article on banks. It says very clever things like:
The taxpayer has to guarantee high street bank customers against default on their own personal savings. Because history tells us that modern economies simply cannot operate if everyone keeps all their savings under the mattress.
But that is no reason to guarantee a bank's liabilities to its wholesale creditors. They are mainly other banks and professional investors, and they should be required to consider the risk of default before ever committing funds. If they get it wrong, they should take the hit.
and this
Neither Labour nor Tories are intending to do it.
Why not?
Because the bankers have scared the living bejeebers out of them. The bankers have threatened to leave and the politicos don't have the nerve to call their bluff.
So the playing field remains heavily tilted. Against us.

Unfortunately it also says this:
Meanwhile, every BBC bulletin is headlined by news of yet more banker bonuses, and demands that the government step in: bonuses should either be capped, or better still banned altogether. And while we're at it, shooting a few bankers outside the Mansion House wouldn't be a bad idea either.

So why is Comrade Brown so reluctant to act?
How do you manage it? First explain how the mob is clamouring for some rich fuckers to go to the wall, or at the very least not be allowed to get so rich. Then cast the PM as a Commie for not going along with it. I mean how? How accustomed to this kind of unimaginative knee-jerk smearing do you have to be to drop it into this context?

Unless I’ve missed something. Maybe this guy is a big fan of Gordon Brown and is desperate for an election so he can vote for him and extend his democratic mandate from one to two. Maybe he’s a Communist and – being a particularly thick Communist – thinks Gordon is too. Maybe he’s under the impression that because Brown does a little mild tax-and-spend, that he’ll be well up for shooting some Tzars in the woods. And so maybe he’s a little disappointed that Gordon hasn’t been doing the whole Scientific Socialism thing properly, and wonders why so-called “Comrade Brown” isn’t living up to his moniker. Or maybe he’s one of these tax bores who bandy the ‘Comrade’ gag about so much that they’ve forgotten it’s a just silly nickname that they made up.


  1. I've always thought BYM is a bit like an episode of When Ignorant Left Wing Populism ("oooh, banks, evil, the bailout's just cos they've got the government in their pockets, not because otherwise we'd all be fucked") And Ignorant Right Wing Populism ("all lefties are Stalin and want to march over us in jackboots") Collide, featuring Arthur Scargill and Sarah Palin being introduced to each other by Louis Theroux and ultimately, inevitably shagging in front of Louis, who mugs to the camera in mild distress.

  2. I have to say that wasn't exactly what I got when I read it, but I only skimmed a lot of the posts.