10 May 2009

Telegraph in Frankly Embarrassing Hypocrisy Shocker

Just stumbled on this smug partisan tirade on the Torygraph. Basically, it claims the Left doesn't care about conflicts where white people and Jews aren't the bad guys, with all the nasty insinuations of racism that come attached. An example of this spurt of straw-mannism and snobbery:
Arabs fighting Arabs, or Africans fighting Africans, are easily ignored, especially when it doesn't fit in with some ex-poly sociology professor's world view about western capitalist oppression of the Global South.

So I thought I'd look up the Telegraph's struggle for the causes he mentions. How many Torygraphers are blogging on the LRA in Uganda and their leader Joseph Kony, for example. Well, quite a lot it turns out. What about Ed West. How much does he have to say on it? Oh. Just the one article then. Those poor Africans. This is even more fascinating: if you look for posts on the "western sahara" one is on the very general topic of protest, where Western Sahara is mentioned in passing by a commenter, and the other four are all about Israel. It's almost like right-wingers actually don't give two shits about any of these places, and only mention them when they want to shout someone down for double standards and anti-Semitism.

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