28 May 2009

Luton is Al Qaeda's Ground Zero

Why, why did I look at Lionheart's blog again? Alright the quote in the title is, for someone who spent much of his childhood visiting relatives in Luton, undiluted hilarity*. But I want gifts that keep on giving, not arseholes that keep on shitting.

For a start, the post is riddled with lies:
Have you heard him mention one word about murderous Islamic extremism in Luton?
I would hope not, considering the only violence that accompanied the Anglian troops' homecoming was by counter-demonstrators. Lionheart quite clearly does not understand that there is a slight distinction between Islam and murder. He also tops it all off with a video by shameless liar Glen Jenvey.

And for a finish, look at his justification for the shop window broken during racist riots in Luton:
After speaking to Luton citizens who were present on the Anti-extremist protest on Sunday May 24th, about the events on the day, it was pointed out to me that this chicken and chip shop that was targetted, was attacked specifically because it was a local heroin front for the organised Pakistani Moslem drug gangs of Bury Park, Luton.

The police are powerless to shut these drug front and money laundering businesses down, so members of the Luton community took matters into their own hands on Sunday, and right or wrong, they smashed the windows of this shop out of desperation at the local authorities inaction about the problem of Moslem extremism of all forms in their community.
He [Luton's treasonous MEP] would rather stand up and protect Moslems who are aligned to militants, than the wider community, and then condemns normal citizens who have taken matters into their own hands because his own government is doing nothing about the problem.
Put aside the facts that Lionheart is giving the vigilante's classic justification, and that chucking a brick through a window isn't exactly going to bring down the local heroin trade, this is incredibly revealing about the nature of the entire protest.

Now the protest claims to oppose extremism, and March for England explicitly repudiates racism and actually mentions defending "innocent and moderate Muslims" in its mission statement. There was even an explicitly anti-racist sign there if you scroll right down, even if the guy holding it's getting a dirty look from a nearby skinhead. Yet by Lionheart's own argument the shop was attacked for its links, not with extremism, but with (alleged) drug-dealing. They clearly missed that crucial meeting, and were marching in a far more general sense, not against Islamic extremism, but against everything bad they could possibly link to Muslims or people of Islamic skin colour. No wonder a swarthy passer-by ended up with a bloody nose.

*Odd, I typed 'hitlarity' first time round. Is my keyboard trying to tell me something?

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