16 May 2009


Now I know the BNP are not actually racist any more, just concerned about people who aren't white. But I'm still concerned about antisemitic statements their not-at-all-racist-or-antisemitic leader may have made in the past, like accusing Jews (other than Uri Gellar) of having mindbending powers and, of course, having conspired to fake their own deaths in WWII. Now I'm sure the new Nick Griffin isn't at all hostile to Jewish people. In fact, he's eagar to leap to their defence when they are attacked by Muslims or criticised for blowing up Muslims.

I just find it a little odd that we never hear why he changed his mind. I mean, he explained the pragmatic reasons for repudiating antisemitism, but that was probably just to win the party faithful round to his new point of view. I'd be really, really interested to find out how he arrived at the conclusion that the Protocols were faked and the Holocaust was real and not the other way around. But wikipedia has nothing on his personal Damascene conversion, and when I did a site search on google, Jews weren't mentioned at all in relation to mindbenders, and there was nothing, literally nothing on the holohoax. You'd have thought, with all the claims not to be leading a racist, anti-Semitic, Nazi-sympathising party, putting something as important as a Public Order Act conviction for Holocaust denial behind him would be high on his priorities. You'd definitely think he'd go public with his retraction. After all, if he's going to use Jews as a stick to hit Muslims with, he doesn't want to risk looking a hypocrite.

So if anyone can find such an explanation as to why Nick Griffin stopped hating Jews and started worrying for their safety, I'd be really grateful.

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