05 May 2009

Absolutely Wonderful

I've actually found the funniest satirical blog in the world. A mixture of bad puns, smug self-importance, bad puns, amateurish photoshopping and bad puns. This horse's arse produces his works of rubbish partisan satire by:
1. Superimposing an unpopular famous person's face onto a picture,
2. Calling it a day.
That's less work than Eminem puts in.

This is the best one though, where he asks, "Does my arse look big in this?", photoshops Jacqui Smith's face onto an obese belly-dancer (note: the obese belly-dancer's arse is not actually visible in the picture) and then answers his own question with a bright red, resounding "YES!". It's brilliant. He could have just written JACQUI SMITH IS SOMEWHAT PORTLY and saved himself five minutes' work. He's not above that sort of thing, after all.

He does seem unhealthily fixated with Jacqui Smith being a cunt, which is odd, as she's the only New Labour Home Secretary I wouldn't use that word for, as as far as I'm concerned she's more of a slightly pitiable halfwit. Now Phil Woolas. There's a cunt.

Edit: I also weed myself just reading his tagcloud, and love the utterly pointless addition of the word 'twat', again in big red letters, to this, just in case we accidentally thought by mistake that G.O.T. likes Ed Balls instead of hating him (he doesn't like him, he hates him). It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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