09 April 2009

Topical Joke

For everyone that wonders why so many comedians make fun of Christianity and nobody ever dares joke about Islam, but Geert Wilders and the guy from Little Green Footballs still have all their hands, I have an idiotic pun for you:
Q: Why is it called pesach?
A: Because you "pay a sakh"!

Stare at the screen blankly, click on the links, think about how much major religious celebrations usually cost, and then nod in realisation, possibly risking a mild smirk, and you're well on your way to understanding the Islam-jokes conundrum. There's some more here. Try and understand them without the explanations.

If you still don't see what I'm getting at, tell me something amusing about Christian theology or the social rituals associated with it. And then tell me one amusing fact about Islam that doesn't involve the slightly off-colour topics of blowing up innocent people or paedophilic rape. If you're the sort of person who regularly whines about not being able to tell jokes about Islam, I imagine you can't. If you still think specific religious jokes will work on people with a different religious upbringing, try explaining that Eddie Izzard skit to a Catholic from outside the UK.

Obscure Muslim in-jokes welcome, by the way, and a happy and kosher passover to anyone who's into all that.

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