05 January 2009

Why the Fuck Are You on My Naughty List Already?

I knew I’d lose faith in Barack Obama at some point, but it truly saddens me that the guy had to blurt out a wedge of ill thought-out, fundamentally racist drivel before even being sworn in. On Israel’s intentionally bombing schoolchildren:
“If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that, and I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

So the stupidest thing about this is that he is actually endorsing rocket attacks by saying this. But I find the implications of this, especially the phrase “everything in my power” rather chilling. Would he, for example, fire some (much more powerful and accurate) rockets at a house where other little girls slept? How many other people’s children would he be willing to sacrifice to save his own? If the answer is one or less, he can maybe sort of get away with calling this counter-attack “self-defence”. If it’s two (for his two girls) we’re talking “retaliation”. An eye for an eye, your kid for my kid, but we’re already getting into the rather nasty territory of valuing the lives of your nearest and dearest over strangers. Though that’s only human I suppose. Would he stretch to bazookaing any more? In my book, every kid from the third on counts as “aggression”. Operation Cast Lead’s civilian body count was around one hundred last time I looked (not including adult males, terrorists to a man you see), and rocket attacks on Israel since the the pullout have killed around sixteen people (fair to assume all civilians). This in mind, by condoning Israel’s action, Obama seems to think killing 12.5 kids he doesn’t know would be worth it to save his two.

Maybe I’m taking him too literally. But if we take a wider view, we see something just as nasty. Rockets are also being fired at Gazan houses. With greater effect. But Obama can only imagine his daughters sleeping in Sderot. We can see why Europe and America consistently fail to condemn Israeli war crimes, as even liberals supposedly sympathetic to the Palestinians still refuse to empathise with them, and cannot bear to stand in Arab shoes for so much as a second. We still can’t look at Arabs, Muslims and other miscellaneous Orientals as anything beyond a rocket-launching, spontaneously-exploding Other. The fact that the First Black President is disgustingly reluctant to see things through non-Western eyes was a nasty wake-up call for me, reminding me that under all that stuff the Republicans were surreptitiouly trying to scare everyone with, he is still an American, with all that entails.

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