15 September 2008

Putting The Dr. Rath Health Foundation's Worries to Rest

Profit Over Life makes some rather speculative claims about the I.G. Farben trial, which, if true, would be truly alarming. The website is basically an archive of the trial documents and an arm of the The Dr Rath Health Foundation, which Violetta Crisis has already blogged a little about. As alternative health practitioners, they naturally have a strong interest in highlighting unethical behaviour on the part of pharmaceutical companies, which would of course point them squarely at a company with I.G. Farben's record. They stress the importance of the trial and draw attention to the fact that the many Holocaust memorial organisations
chose neither to publish the important proceedings of the decisive Nuremberg trial against IG Farben nor the tens of thousands of pages of trial evidence connecting this chemical/pharmaceutical cartel to these crimes against humanity.

Profit Over Life is keen to stress the key involvement of the pharmaceutical industry in every aspect of Nazi Germany:
The US prosecution during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals made clear that neither the rise of the Nazis, nor WWII nor the holocaust would have been possible without the financial and logistical support of IG Farben.
Note the source however: the case for the prosecution and not the verdict. Profit Over Life's assertion that I.G. Farben was the driving force behind the entire Third Reich did not stick in court, only an active planning role in Auschwitz.

The website also makes a strong implication that this is not accidental, and that the absence favours certain interest groups.
Today, in October 2007, the world may only be weeks away from another World War deliberately launched by the very same interest groups that brought the Nazis to power and sought to control the world then – the chemical/petrochemical/pharmaceutical investment business. 70 years after the political puppets of the chemical investment business launched World War II, their stakeholders today – namely George Bush (USA) and Nicholas Sarkozy (France) – are openly preparing a nuclear attack against Iran with the deliberate risk of throwing the world into a nuclear abyss.
Note the term "investment business". The crimes of one conglomerate are extrapolated to the entire industry. While the power wielded by Big Oil and Pharma is well-known, there is no causal relationship to I.G. Farben, who went bust in the 1990s.

Certain organisations are singled out for their failure (or success) in documenting what Profit Over Life considers to be the most important trial: The US Federal Archive, for example, where
inexplicably, the documents about the ultimate responsibility for World War II – the deadliest tragedy in recent history that cost the lives of more than 60 million people – are not published online.
'Inexplicably' is perhaps not the word, considering that:
"Laid side to side, pages in our holdings would circle the Earth over 57 times! Because of the cost to digitize such a volume of materials, only a small percentage is available for research online. Our web site offers tools and guides to help you locate these documents. To complete your research and use the records, you may need to visit us."
The possibility of a conspiracy is further ruled out by a roughly equal amount of documentation existing for all thirteen trials.

Yad Vashem also
does not document the trial of the economic forces that helped to finance the holocaust and that drew the largest economic benefit from it – BAYER, BASF, HOECHST and other corporations of the IG Farben cartel.
However I searched the site fairly hard and found no official transcripts of any other Nuremberg trials. This implies that Yad Vashem may be deliberately diverting its time and resources towards memorial and education than to online archiving of massive and rather tedious documents. Their accusation against the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is particularly telling:
None of the tens of thousands of pages of this important memorial site documents the decisive Nuremberg War Crimes Trial against IG Farben Industries. Remarkably, some of the other 12 trials of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal are documented on this website, e.g. the so called “doctor’s trial,” but not the trial that provides the answer of ultimate responsibility for World War II.
The word 'some' may be erroneous, as I was only able to find one, the Doctors' Trial. Bearing in mind that this was the first trial, it seems that the Museum may be consciously working on the trials in chronological order, placing yet another four trials between it and the I.G. Farben trial, sixth of thirteen.

However, it is Harvard University which receives the most direct accusation:
In 2003 – six decades after the end of WWII – the governors of Harvard University decided to turn Harvard into an institution pioneering the way to finally reveal the historic facts and publish the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals – including the trial against IG Farben Industries – on the Website of the Harvard Law School for a world audience...the entire project was stopped – without any credible reason being given.
The word 'credible' is a particularly subjective one, but its presence implies that Harvard did give a clear reason (not specified by the site), which Profit Over Life did not consider credible. Their definition of credible seems to exclude such lame excuses as:
The Nuremberg Trials collection fills some 690 boxes, with an average box containing approximately 1500 pages of text (for a total estimated at 1,035,000 pages)...Continuing funding to complete the scanning of documents and digitizing of the transcript from the Medical Case is now being sought.
However, Profit Over Life's explanation is far less innocent:
“Who interfered with the publication of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against IG Farben that you had already publicly announced? Was it the Rockefeller Trust, one of “heirs” of the IG Farben Empire after WWII – which also is one of the principle benefactors of Harvard University today?”
Note that, again, this refers to all the trials and not just the one they are interested in. Also note the bunny ears around "heirs", implying that the trust is a metaphorical, rather than direct material heir of the company.

Profit Over Life certainly deserve credit for posting the documents, though it is a pity they have so far only been able to put up scans. Full documentation of any of the trials is a useful resource that is hard to find over the internet. But essentially, what the site finds suspicious is that the entire proceedings of the Nuremberg Trials, thirteen long and complicated trials, are not posted online. The fact that they single out certain institutions is strange, but not as strange as their overlooking Mazal's documentation, here and here. But what is particularly interesting is the way one webpage, without uttering a single falsehood, manages to create several false impressions, firstly that the Nazis were a puppet government, secondly that they were puppets of an entire industry and not one conglomerate, thirdly that documentation on the subject is unavailable and finally that this has been a conscious cover-up. The fact that painstaking research was needed to confirm the contrary is a credit to the skill both of the site's author and the company's legal department.

I doubt that Profit Over Life are being deliberately deceitful. They seem quite sincere in their beliefs about I.G. Farben, and the unreliability of the evidence they present probably means little more than a tendency to believe unreliable evidence, except perhaps an increased credulity when it comes to large companies and medicine made of proper science. This is normal for alternative medicine, but it's interesting to see just how persuasive bad arguments can be made.

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